Friday, June 13, 2014

Black Seed Bagels - Not Jumping on that Bandwagon

Sorry to be contrary, but Black Seed Bagels just ain't my jam, or rather, cream cheese.  This new bagel shop opened in Nolita back in April, much to the city's excitement.  Finally, Montreal style bagels are coming to NY!  Wait, why do I care about that? I live in NY, so I probably want a NY style bagel. But I am open to new things, and change, and yada yada yada.  With a day of errands ahead, why not get a Montreal style bagel in my system?

The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. And there was NO line. I heard this place sports a long line, so I was happy to get right to the front.  They offer five different flavors of bagels, which is about 20 too few for me. Although I am an whole wheat everything girl at heart, I dabble in my bagel flavors. Sourdough bagels fulfill the fancy in me.  Salt bagels just scream unhealthy, and I scream hooray! Pumpernickel makes me feel like I am branching out. Sesame bagels with several sesame seeds rock my world. Multigrain makes me justify all the drinking I did the night before. Egg bagels are just flat out delicious and deserve more street cred. What is that - an onion bagel? Hey, I am down for offending people with my breath all day. Heck - put scallion cream cheese on that sucker.

Everything bagel won out over the very few choices at Black Seed, while my friend opted for sesame seed. If you go everything, you might as well throw in the towel and order scallion cream cheese.  My friend went for veggie cream cheese.  Each bagel was $1.50, with spreads coming in at $1.75.  Say hello to the $3.25 bagel, which is not uncommon in NYC.

We waited at least 10 minutes for this bagel. Clearly, they want you to have the freshest bagel imaginable.  They called my name, and I unwrapped my bagel with my teeth because I was starving. My first thought, and yes, that's what she said, is "wow this is small!"  Granted, every large bagel I eat puts me under for about 7 hours, but I like it that way. But maybe each small bite would be worth it.

My teeth started chomping at this bagel, and it was...slippery. This bagel came fresh out of the oven, so it was extremely hot, causing the cream cheese to be somewhat melty. This is NOT my jam.  My cream cheese should be like a deli meat - on the bagel, in a chunk.  A slight meltiness is sexy, but I shouldn't be licking cream cheese off of my fingers. That is not sexy.

Overall, I do not want this Montreal style bagel. It is too small. It is too hot. And it is no better than any other bagel, so why am I going out of my way to spend the same amount of money on a smaller, not tastier, bagel?

Have a delicious day!
NYC Menu Girl


  1. Totally agree! The wait was unfathomably long. Try Baz Bagel, much better!

  2. Just added Baz Bagel to my Foursquare to do list. Thanks!